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Eyes  this opening believing elite escort girl branches

Another week and yet more evidence that the high street as we know it is crumbling before our very eyes. This elite escort girl time, the evidence, taken from 500 major town centres, is supplied by professional services firm PwC and states that 16 shops a day were forced to close their doors for the last time in the first half of this year. All very depressing, according to PwC’s retail gurus, especially when put against the backdrop of an improving economy. But yet all so predictable when you consider that more of us (not all of us) now prefer to shop from the comfort of our armchair, a glass of Viognier in hand and computer on lap. 
Boarded up: 16 shops a day were forced to close their doors for the last time in the first half of this yearOnly the combined opening of betting shops, yet more coffee outlets and American restaurants (burger joints) are preventing a near total devastation of the high street. Unfortunately, it seems that matters are not going to get any better – economic recovery or not. Last week, a reader from Cardiff tipped me off that his local HSBC branch in Cardiff Bay is shutting in early December – a great shame, he says, because the bank has been there for nigh on 100 years and is no more than 100 yards from the Coal Exchange where the first £1million cheque was signed 100 years ago when coal was king. How times change.  
Number of micropubs on the high street set to soar as shops close down
Help young entrepreneurs to save the high street by giving them access to vacant units, say experts
Prices across the High Street fall as fierce competition among retailers intensifies
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The closure is one of 19 that HSBC is implementing between now and the end of the year as it continues to chip away at the size of its branch network – and is on top of the 46 it has already shut this year. In its defence, however, it is opening a new ‘flagship’ branch in Southampton – a fact HSBC is keen for me to point out and I am happy to oblige. Equally though, I must make it clear that three existing branches in Southampton will be sacrificed to make way for it. And to think I went through university believing in EF Schumacher’s economic theory that small is beautiful.HSBC, of course, is not alone among the banks who believe they are too big to fail, in taking an axe to its branches. Both Barclays and Royal Bank of Scotland (as we reported last week) continue to reduce the size of their networks while Lloyds Banking Group is on the verge of announcing a major cost reduction programme, in which branch closures will be a prominent feature.I am sure some town centres will survive these branch closures – especially where a banking competitor remains in situ – and there will be little or no protest from that part of the public who are increasingly happy to embrace armchair banking.But in other locations, where the closure will result in the end of any high street banking, the knock-on effect on local retailers could well be cataclysmic. It’s why we as a newspaper will continue to campaign for a banking presence in every town and village in this country – even if it means forcing the bosses of the big banks to push their mighty egos to one side and agree to shared premises. This country needs banks on its high streets.  Stamp duty on home purchases is an absurd tax applied in an unfair way. And it is to the Government’s great discredit that it has failed to reform it. North of the border, however, reform is on the way.  On stamp duty, the Scots have shown the way ahead. It is time to seize the moment  From April next year, stamp duty will be replaced by land and buildings transaction tax. And although the new tax is not without fault, it will undoubtedly be an improvement on its predecessor. This is because increased tax rates will only apply to the value of a property over each threshold once it is crossed instead of applying to the whole value of the transaction each time it reaches a threshold, as is the case with stamp duty. So, Scotland’s new property tax means that transactions under £135,000 will be exempt. Then between £135,001 and £250,000, buyers will pay 2 per cent tax but only on the sum above the nil-rate threshold of £135,000. Any slice of a property’s purchase price above £250,000 and below £1 million will incur a 10 per cent tax charge while above £1 million, a 12 per cent charge applies. This contrasts with the current situation across the UK where no tax applies on transactions up to £125,000 but purchases above this attract a tax charge of between one per cent and seven per cent dependent on the price paid. Pay £250,000, for example, and you will incur a one per cent stamp duty charge. But pay £1 more for your dream home and you will end up with a three per cent charge on the entire price. Madness. A number of lenders – with Nationwide Building Society very much to the fore – have long called for the reform of stamp duty. Although 10 per cent and 12 per cent charges are too high, the Scots have shown the Government the way forward. It should seize the moment and act. 

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Could young bayan escort to regulars

Boarded-up Britain could be a thing of the past if barriers preventing young people from starting new high street businesses bayan escort are removed, according to the founders of a scheme to give young people access to vacant units.Last week it was vip eskort revealed in a report by accountancy firm PricewaterhouseCoopers that more than 3,000 shops closed in the UK’s 500 main shopping escort centres in the first six months of the year.The winner of The Carnegie UK Trust’s TestTown competition, which aims to escort bayan test the idea that high business rates, legal fees and planning constraints prevent young entrepreneurs from opening shops, will be announced this afternoon.
Competition: Trader Hollie Scott founded vintage clothing store Violet LillyEight finalists from regional heats have been competing in Cambridge this weekend since Friday, and the business with the highest takings and most innovative presentation will win £10,000 start-up funding and a package of mentoring support for their first year of trading.Businesses trading during the final, hosted by Cambridge Business Improvement District, include vintage clothing store Violet Lilly run by Hollie Scott, 22, in Bury St Edmunds, a luxury food outlet and a herbal remedy specialist. 
The real barrier to small businesses embracing apprenticeships is a lack of skilled staff to train them
Five ways to keep customers coming back time and time again
JEFF PRESTRIDGE: We must not let our high streets perish and banks close down branches
Compare the best business bank accounts
Jim Metcalfe, TestTown UK programme leader, said: ‘The British high street is still in dire straits. There are too many barriers preventing young people from rejuvenating the retail offer available in our towns and cities.‘It is time to prescribe a new course of treatment and that is exactly what TestTown aims to do. We have gone straight to the next generation of shoppers and asked them what would encourage them into the high street.‘We have travelled the length and breadth of Britain to uncover some of the sharpest young business talent in the country. We have seen some great ideas for retail offerings that could make a big difference.It is a crying shame that many of them may never have seen a high street had it not been for TestTown’s support. There must be a simpler way to enable young people with good ideas to use empty high street units.’Business Secretary Vince Cable hinted at some relief on business rates in his Liberal Democrat party conference speech last week.Elsewhere, a report from credit checking agency Experian last week revealed that high streets were becoming more social places, with more restaurants and leisure facilities, and businesses that were succeeding were those where customers had to attend in person, such as cafes and health clubs. It found the number of tattoo parlours and convenience stores almost trebled.David Lewis, author of The Brain Sell: When Science Meets Shopping, said: ‘The strength of local shopkeepers lies in their ability to develop a close and friendly relationship with their regulars.‘Increasingly, shoppers recognise they are regarded not as individual customers, but as faceless consumers, and that, while they are undoubtedly known to the store’s computer, they are seldom known to the staff.‘Not only do most local shopkeepers know their customers well, but the customers also tend to know each other.‘This makes visiting the local store as much about socialising as about shopping. It is an experience that satisfies both physical and psychological needs.‘By regularly and reliably offering a personal experience in a world increasingly dominated by the impersonal, local shopkeepers will expand their customer base and generate lifetime customer loyalty.’ 

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Deceased s parties have child porno lot

My boyfriend and I are buying a house together. We have both put in different amounts of money and we child porno want to write up a contract in case things go pear-shaped down the line.
How do we do this? Do escort bayan we have to get a lawyer? How much would this cost?
Or can we write a contract ourselves and porn get friends or family members to witness it? If you could explain our options I would be most grateful.
New home: Its important to have a plan in place in case things go wrong
Rob Gurney, head of legal practice at Premier Property Lawyers, says: There are several issues to consider when partners are buying a property together and using their hard-earned funds as equity. 
The law allows joint owners to be Joint Tenants which means if one of them dies the survivor owns the property outright with all the equity. The law also allows owners to be Tenants in Common which  means each owner owns a predetermined share of the property and the survivor does not automatically inherit the deceased’s share.  There are many benefits to either option and there are no set rules as to whether joint
purchasers should choose to elect for either Joint Tenants or Tenants in
Common. This decision will really need to be based on the individual
circumstances of the purchasers. 
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Expert: Rob Gurney
For example, if the party’s contributions differ, they may wish to consider purchasing as Tenants in Common and creating a trust deed which is a legally binding agreement similar to a contract, which will allow them to protect their respective contributions.
This document will enable the parties to set out how any existing and future equity is to be distributed in the event of sale after paying off any mortgage/financial charges and any sale costs.A common scenario wherein purchasers often choose to elect for this option is where one party is receiving a gifted deposit from their relatives. Although the relatives do not want any direct interest in the property, in the event of a dispute in the future, they may wish to see that the party they have supplied the gift to is able to receive their contribution or a proportion thereof back.In the event of a dispute, the courts often will look to see whether there was any evidence of clear intention between the parties as to what would happen with the respective financial interests in the property.
Quite often, the courts are willing to take trust deeds as evidence of clear intention but it should be noted that this will be dependent on the circumstances of the case.While it is possible for homebuyers to draw up their own trust deed and have it witnessed by a friend, it is not recommended as there is nothing worse than finding out that the document you thought was correct and binding, is in fact not.
We would always recommend for the parties to ask a lawyer to draft the deed to ensure that the document accurately reflects the agreement that they wish to make and to ensure that the document is fit for purpose.
Some firms will also provide additional advice on tax and estate planning implications that the parties may not have considered. It is also advisable for the parties to draw up a will when purchasing any large assets such as property.
In terms of cost, this will depend upon the complexity of the trust deed and the fee scales of the individual firm. On average it is reasonable to expect to pay £180 plus VAT upwards for a standard deed.As all land ownership is now registered with the Land Registry it is possible for the contents of the trust deed to be recorded against the title register (formerly title deeds). The Land Registry can register a restriction for a small cost and this will be prevent the parties from selling the property without complying with the terms of the trust deed. Amy Andrew, of This is Money, says: Nobody likes to think about relationships going wrong, and it can be an awkward topic to discuss. 
However, if you are buying a house it is worth protecting yourself because there is a lot of money at stake. Having a plan in place can also help to prevent a strained relationship from becoming worse than it needs to be if it does come to an end.Paying £200 for a piece to paper stating that one partner gets 45 per cent while the other gets 55 per cent of what is left over after paying off the mortgage, plus having right of first refusal, seems like rather a lot.
If there is a disagreement the courts will look at what was initially agreed between you – so essentially any kind of written agreement will do, provided it is clear.However, as long as you pick a decent solicitor, what this money is paying for is advice about your options.
A professional can help you think through the implications of what you are doing – spelling out the various scenarios in terms of property value increases and decreases and seeing if the figures still look fair, applying your formula.
This is particularly important if you are not paying the mortgage equally between you.
Also, when it comes to relationships, money is not always clear cut. There might also be ongoing discussions about one owing the other cash for a holiday, or agreements made in happier times.
However, the bottom line is that a deed of trusts will not protect you from this. Enforcing what has been decided could mean going to court – whether you have a deed or not.
The threat of legal action is an argument that often causes people to do what is required, but not always. And, once you get there, an agreement letter will probably do.But its the advice youre paying for that could end up being worth more than its weight in gold. Particularly since £200 is pennies compared to the cost of a property.
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Offered said the porno pleasure

Dog walkers, runners and cyclists are being offered up to £200 off their water bill if they keep on the porno lookout for pollution.Northumbrian Water is looking out for volunteers who regularly visit certain waterways in the North East that are porno known to be hot spots for sewage contamination.The so-called water rangers would agree to check the water once a fortnight or every week.
On the look out: Northumbrian Water is calling on walkers to help monitor waterways in exchange for a discount on their billsIn exchange they could receive up to £200 off their annual bills. Water rangers who go above and beyond will also receive on the spot rewards and all volunteers will be invited along to an end of year celebration meal to say thank you.Northumbrian Water has picked 32 public access routes next to rivers, streams and bathing water. Rangers would report back to the firm on the water condition after the walk and raise the alarm if anything looks amiss so any pollution could be dealt with quickly. 
Up to 200,000 pensioners in line for winter fuel discount thanks to extension of energy scheme
Households offered more free cash for new boilers, double glazing and insulation as Green Deal fund gets extra £100m
Switch and save: Compare the best energy deals and shave £100s off your bill
A spokesperson said the ranger scheme is not replacing any jobs, but is intended to boost the firms water monitoring.The firm added that since it covers an area of 9,422 square kilometres, it is difficult to visit all the time.
Keen angler Den Lilley, 71, from Newton Hall, Durham, has already signed up and will patrol a section of the Wear near the city centre.He said: I thoroughly enjoy birdwatching and fishing so its great to be able to give something back to help look after the environment which gives me so much pleasure.I am also chairman of Durham City Angling Club and having clean water in the River Wear is vital for our fishermen to be able to enjoy their sport and also to the club to ensure we maintain and attract new members.The water rangers scheme reflects the effort that Northumbrian Water is putting into being able to react and deal with pollution quickly. I think it is very admirable.Northumbrian Water wastewater director Richard Warneford said: We monitor our sewer network very closely by using technology and manual inspections and we are continually maintaining and upgrading the network.Northumbrian Waters supply area is vast – we cover a geographical area of 9,422 square kilometres and we monitor and look after thousands of assets, including more than 29,500 kilometres of sewer pipe.Pollution from our assets is something we are taking very seriously and working very hard to tackle.The Water Rangers scheme will provide us with further information and knowledge to help us do this.
Tow path watch: Cyclists and walkers could save money by keeping an eye out for pollution while out along waterways  

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During next eskort checks pregnancy

A heavily pregnant women visited her GP for a whooping cough vaccination – only to be injected with an MMR eskort jab.Emma Cave, 25, won a payout of £3,000 from her GP after she was mistakenly given the MMR jab 30 escort weeks into her pregnancy.The young mother said she suffered months of worry following the blunder after doctors told her they escort bayan could not guarantee there was no risk to her unborn baby.
bayan escort Miss Cave went to the GP practice for a whooping cough vaccination but was later informed shed been accidentally given the MMR jab. She had to wait until her son Harrison was six-weeks-old before she could finally be told for certain that he had not been harmedMiss Cave had to wait until her son Harrison was six-weeks-old before she could finally be told for certain that he had not been harmed.As the MMR jab is prepared with weakened live viruses, doctors advise it is not suitable for women who are pregnant or who might become pregnant within a month after being vaccinated.
Finally I can see my husband clearly!: Model JODIE KIDD on how TWO rounds of laser eye surgery…
Mother bitten by false widow spider has such painful sores a YEAR later she cant hug her children…
How cycling can give men a third TESTICLE: Friction from the saddle can cause a painful lump to…
Woman loses four stone after getting divorced – and falls in love with her FEMALE fitness instructor…
Miss Cave said she was terrified to find out she had been given the jab while heavily pregnant. PREGNANCY AND VACCINATIONS  As the MMR jab is prepared with weakened live viruses, doctors advise it is not suitable for women who are pregnant, or who might become pregnant within a month after being vaccinated.In theory, the weakened virus could give the mother an infection that they could pass on to their baby.The vaccinations recommended for pregnant women are:Flu jabPregnant women have a higher chance of developing complications if they get flu, particularly in the later stages of pregnancy.Doctors advise getting vaccinated as soon as possible into the pregnancy.The flu vaccine is normally available from September until around January or February each year and is free for pregnant women.Whooping coughWhooping cough is common at the moment and babies who are too young to start their vaccinations are at greatest risk.Young babies with whooping cough are often very unwell and most will be admitted to hospital because of their illness. In severe cases, they can die. Pregnant women should ideally get vaccinated 28- 32 weeks into their pregnancy, although they may be given the vaccine up to 38 weeks of pregnancy.  Source: NHS Choices She said: It is hard to take what has happened and remove it from your mind. I still cant understand how they made such as mistake.Miss Cave, of Pudsey, West Yorkshire, went to a Leeds GP surgery last year for the whooping cough vaccine, which is routinely given during pregnancy.The next day she was contacted and told of the mistake.She said: I felt sick to the stomach when they told me what had happened. It was all a complete shock as you expect nurses and doctors to know what they are doing, and not make such silly, potentially serious mistakes.It wouldnt have been so bad had they been able to fully assure me there and then that there was no danger of harm to my baby, but they couldnt.Miss Cave was sent to hospital, where she and partner Luke Egan were told the effect on their son would only become clear after their baby was born.From that point on I was constantly worrying she said.I was in and out of hospital for checks because I couldnt feel the baby moving on many occasions, although perhaps the anxiety and stress of all I had gone through made me panicky.Miss Cave took legal action through Neil Hudgell Solicitors and the GP surgery admitted the mistake and apologised.Senior solicitor Kay Barnes said: It was a mothers nightmare, an unfortunate incident involving negligent treatment which could have been completely avoided had proper care been taken.
As the MMR jab is prepared with weakened live viruses, doctors advise it is not suitable for women who are pregnant or who might become pregnant within a month after being vaccinated  
Read more:
About the MMR vaccine – Vaccinations – NHS Choices

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tumiman asia the he order qaeda

When President Obama attributed the rise in Iraq of the Islamic State, or ISIS, to the failures of the U.S. tumiman.asia intelligence community earlier this week, naming and blaming directly National Intelligence Director Gen. James Clapper, he was attempting to deflect kawaiipuradab.asia criticism of his own incompetence. 
He was discussing the fact that ISIS, right under his own and the general’s noses, gained guccipradaonsale.asia control of nearly half of the landmass of Iraq. This is the same Iraq that the United States supposedly liberated kouhyoukuroeb.asia from the clutches of a dictator, strengthened as a regional military power and fortified as the Middle East’s newest democracy as a result of our invasion in 2003 and our subsequent 10-year occupation.ADVERTISEMENTADVERTISEMENT
Many who supported the war then realize now that we were duped into it by a deceptive and shortsighted Bush administration that was looking to deflect blame for its intelligence failures of 9/11, for which, unlike the Japanese invasion of Pearl Harbor, not a single human being in the federal government has been charged with anything. But that is a topic for another day.
if Clapper and his spies so miserably failed to educate the president about a threat he now claims is real, why do they still have their jobs
ISIS captured Fallujah and Ramadi, two major cities in Iraq, eight months ago. Surely the president knew about that when it happened. He receives an intelligence briefing every day; more often than not, he prefers a written briefing rather than one where he and his briefers can zero in on problem areas in a face-to-face conversation. 
Yet since the February takeover of the Iraqi equivalent of Chicago and Los Angeles, the president has told the American people that ISIS is junior varsity and he had no plans to address it, and he seemed not to care about it until ISIS went over his head, so to speak, and beheaded two innocent young Americans and posted grisly videos of their horrific murders on the Internet.
If the president now believes we should fight ISIS because it killed two Americans and boasted about it, he woefully misunderstands his job, which is to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution, not every American everywhere on the planet. 
If he is convinced ISIS poses an imminent threat to the freedom of Americans and the security of our country, it is hard to believe that these two murders alone brought him to that conclusion.
Does he genuinely believe that 25,000 ill-equipped fanatics 10,000 miles from here, with no navy or air force, could possibly be a clear and present danger to the U.S.? And if he does, when and how did he come to that belief if his intelligence team failed him?
These questions are of profound relevance to the American people, because with each passing day, it appears that the president is more indifferent to the facts around him and less competent at pulling the levers of government. Yet he is sending American troops into harm’s way on an ill-defined long-term mission without congressional authorization as the Constitution requires.
Here is where his condemnation of Clapper comes in. Clapper is the senior intelligence officer in the federal government. All of our civilian spies, domestic and foreign, indirectly report to him. His job is to steal and keep secrets within the boundaries of the Constitution, which he, like the president, has sworn to defend.
Yet Clapper and his spies are more intent on spying on the American people than on those foreigners who have publicly boasted — however unrealistic their boasts may be — that they will cause us harm. This is, after all, the same Clapper who committed crimes in order to insulate his domestic spies from lawful congressional inquiry when he denied under oath that the U.S. government was acquiring massive amounts of private data about hundreds of millions of Americans.
He made that denial to a Senate committee when he knew what his spies at the NSA were doing. When his lies became apparent, the Senate committee before which he perjured himself — and whose members knew that he was lying at the moment of his lies — gave him an opportunity to correct himself, and he declined to do so. For lying under oath and refusing to correct his statements, Obama should have fired him.
But the president overlooked his spymaster’s public lies and went on television’s most widely watched program this week and publicly accused Clapper of privately failing to inform the president of something the president must have known about: the ISIS advance on Iraqi population centers.
This war we are now entering is unlawful because we have invaded Syria without a congressional declaration of war and without a legal or moral basis for doing so. 
It is morally wrong because ISIS is an imminent threat to the U.S. only in the minds of the members of Congress who love war, not in reality. And it is blind to recent history because it will become a more superior recruitment tool for ISIS than our original invasion of Iraq was for Al Qaeda. 
The only reason Al Qaeda and ISIS exist in Iraq is as resistance to the American invasion and occupation, an invasion that has materially detracted from the liberty and safety of the U.S. and the stability of the region.
Yet, if Clapper and his spies so miserably failed to educate the president about a threat he now claims is real, why do they still have their jobs? They have their jobs because if the president fires them, they might freely speak the truth, and the truth is the president’s enemy. They have their jobs because the president is so bad at performing his.Andrew P. Napolitano, a former judge of the Superior Court of New Jersey, is the senior judicial analyst at Fox News Channel. He  joined FNC in January 1998. Judge Napolitano has written seven books on the U.S. Constitution. The most recent is “Theodore and Woodrow: How Two American Presidents Destroyed Constitutional Freedom.” To find out more about Judge Napolitano and to read features by other Creators Syndicate writers and cartoonists, visit www.creators.com.

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Queen Letizia never fails to impress in the style stakes and today, when she and King Felipe VI of Spain attended the opening of the 2014-2015 year at Castilla-La Mancha University, was no different.Looking classy and chic in a deep purple dress, Spains Queen Letizia was every inch the royal style icon as she arrived with her husband.She accessorised her flattering layered dress with dusty pink court shoes and a matching clutch.Scroll down for video 
Style icon: King Felipe VI of Spain and Queen Letizia, looking as glamorous as ever, attend the opening of the 2014-2015 University Courses at Castilla-La Mancha University on in Toledo, SpainThe 42-year-old had her hair in its signature loose and bouncy style and wore drop earrings. 
Cara Delevingne leads a very fashionable feminist protest at Chanel catwalk show followed by Gisele, Kendall Jenner and Georgia May Jagger
There was the odd joke but nobody said anything offensive: Woman, 21, marries her 52-year-old boss – who is two days younger than her own father
From her custom-made Oscar de la Renta wedding dress to the red hot Alexander McQueen party gown: Inside Amal Alamuddins incredible bridal wardrobe
Its been a busy few weeks for the Spanish royal, who joined the Netherlands glamorous Queen Maxima in New York for the 69th session of the UN General Assembly, which included a debate in which both King Felipe and King Willem-Alexander spoke. 
Super svelte: The Spanish royal, who showed off her toned physique in the dress,  accessorised with dusky pink court shoes, a style she has long championed, and a matching clutch
Busy royals: The Spanish couple attended their first official visit in Spain after landing back from the states 
Rule in the style stakes in Queen Letizia's pleated purple dress
Felipe Varela Purple Pleat Dress
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She’ll never replace the love we have for our very own Duchess of Cambridge in the style department, but Queen Letizia is sure giving her a run for her money with her consistent style triumphs. She may even usurp her from her fashion throne if she keeps on going!
The Spanish beauty looked impeccable yet again, taking a leaf out of Kate’s book by recycling her altered Felipe Varela berry hued pleated dress which she teamed with peep toe nude stiletto heels, proving that she can make a bright hue look timelessly classy.
Queen Letizia is a huge fan of Spanish designer Felipe Varela, and is often seen wearing his designs along with a whole lot of Hugo Boss. Creature of habit, this one!
Available to buy in the original version from the brand’s AW14 collection at £759, you can nab this version with a quick click to the right. Out of your price range? Then take a peek at some of the options below, which include Precis’ magenta pleated version at £129 from Debenhams, but hurry, because sizes are running out! We’ll be teaming ours with gold metallic barely there sandals and a matching box clutch.
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In good favour: Letizia has become increasingly popular since ascending to the throne in June, making regular appearances in support of childrens and disability charities
King Felipe and Queen Letizia with their daughters in Mallorca

With no speech of their own to make, the two sat together and chatted as they waited for proceedings to begin and, at one point, burst into laughter.It was all a far cry from the serious business this time last week, when the Spanish Queen and her husband spent the day meeting scientists living and working in New York. Letizia has become increasingly popular since ascending to the throne in June, making regular appearances in support of childrens and disability charities, as well as on the arm of husband King Felipe, 46.
Royal duties: Queen Letizia always looks immaculate when joining her husband on royal visits around SpainMost recently, Letizia found herself on the receiving end of a slew of positive headlines after stopping to greet a wheelchair-bound well-wisher who had travelled to the Spanish city of San Sebastien to meet her.Her hair whipping around her shoulders, Letizia ignored the unseasonably miserable weather as she bent down to chat to the elderly lady.The engagement, which took place days before she and King Felipe travelled to New York, was part of an unusually intense September schedule which looks set to be replicated over the coming month. 
Girly giggles: Queen Letizia of Spain (L) and Queen Maxima of the Netherlands (C) chat at the 69th United Nations General Assembly at U.N. headquarters in New York last week  

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Praised the as u

Follow us at #TeamEurope. Captain McGinley = phenomenal— Rory Mcilroy (@McIlroyRory) September 28, 2014

Read: Europe on the brink after Super Saturday
Watsons European counterpart Paul McGinley will be subject to no such inquisition, universally lauded by his players and serenaded by a vibrant Scottish crowd once his triumph was rubber-stamped.
Rookie triumphs
Rookie Jamie Donaldson secured the clinching point by beating Keegan Bradley, and was promptly enveloped on the 15th green by cameramen, photographers and his wife, not to mention a jubilant European team.
I cant really put it into words, Donaldson, from Wales, said. Its unbelievable. There is nothing like it in golf. The Ryder Cup is just a total one off and its amazing to be a part of it.
Before him Northern Irelands Graeme McDowell had overturned a three-hole deficit to topple rookie Jordan Spieth 2&1 while McIlroys 5&4 takedown of Rickie Fowler had a brutal edge to it.

Ryder Cup teams prepare for a tough battle

Hunter Mahan: Well miss Tiger

Early in the match, the trending was exactly where we wanted it to go, Watson told reporters. We had a lot of red scored up there. The players responded early, we just couldnt keep it going.
Read: Europe takes first day lead
The bottom line is they kicked our butts. They were better players this week.
Mickelson speaks out
Watson was then forced to defend his own methods during a tense press conference after thinly veiled criticism from Mickelson, the five-time major champion, who has won on just two of his ten Ryder Cup appearances.
The last of those came in 2008 and Lefty praised the approach of then captain Paul Azinger, who he said had involved the players in his decision making process and formulated a real game plan.
Watson responded by saying: (Phil) has a difference of opinion. Thats okay. My management philosophy is different than his. I had a different philosophy than Paul. I decided not to go that way.
Mickelsons comments drew withering criticism from former PGA Tour player and Golf Channel analyst Brandel Chamblee, who labeled the five-timer major winner as a golfer who had corrupted the experience of the Ryder Cup.
Chamblee added: That was as close to a one-man mutiny as I ever seen.
There was no such acrimony in the European press conference, Donaldson being spirited into it on the back of Thomas Bjorn, which was punctuated by the regular sound of champagne corks popping.
Read: Watson struggles with Twitter
Asked to describe his sense of achievement, McGinley said: Proud is the first word. I want to say as captain it has been a real honor to get these 12 players, they have all been Colossus.
Foursomes dominance

Countdown to Ryder Cup

Mythbuster: Edoardo Molinari

In truth, McGinleys men had wrested the Ryder Cup decisively away from the United States on Saturday afternoon, thanks to a dominant European performance in the foursomes.
And while both camps paid lip service to the miracle possibility before taking to the fairways on Sunday, there would be no second successive seismic turnaround.
The jubilant air around Gleneagles confirmed that few in blue considered an upset feasible, 2010 U.S. Open champion McDowell roared off by a crowd that had been entertaining themselves in song long before the first ball had been addressed.
For several hours the first tee box was the epicenter of world golf, 18-time major champion Jack Nicklaus and former Manchester United manager Alex Ferguson — the most successful manager in the history of English soccer — both present.
Unlikely prospect
And though the task was tall, the United States requiring eight-and-a-half points to pull off an unlikely victory, a few hours into the contest it led in five matches.
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Heeding Watsons call to smoke em early, Spieth raced into a three-hole lead over McDowell, the 2010 U.S. Open champion from Northern Ireland.
Behind him, the other standout U.S. rookie, Patrick Reed, also advanced into an early lead over Swedens Henrik Stenson.
Hunter Mahan, who succumbed in the crucial match at the climax of the 2010 Ryder Cup, birdied four of the opening six holes to seize the initiative in his clash with Justin Rose, from England.
But as he had promised prior to the competition, four-time major winner McIlroy proved he was the fulcrum in Europes engine-room.
Birdie burst

Paul McGinley takes on Ryder Cup course

Kaymers magical Medinah putt

Five birdies in six holes took him five clear of Rickie Fowler, and in effect, sealed the outcome of their tussle before they had even reached the ninth hole.
For an hour or so, that lone sliver of blue on the leaderboard was engulfed by red. Slowly, the tide began to turn.
Martin Kaymer, the reigning U.S. Open champion from Germany, took advantage of a wayward opening from Bubba Watson, the two-time Masters champion.
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Sergio Garcia and Ian Poulter forged ahead in the early stages of their matches, while Stenson was chewing away at the lead of Reed.
But the top match was symptomatic of U.S. fortunes, as McDowell recovered from his stuttering start and stealthily set about hauling in Spieth.
Trailing by three going down the tenth, the man who had been serenaded by European fans with with a chorus of Youve got Big Mac, weve got G-Mac, before teeing off, found his stride.
Inspired play

How the Ryder Cup rivalry began at Gleneagles

What does it take to win the Ryder Cup?

An inspired stretch of four birdies, acquired through a combination of formidable iron play and accurate putting, meant a symbolic switch from red to blue at the top of the leaderboard.
It galvanized those behind him. Rose now roared back with four straight birdies of his own and ended with half a point against Mahan.
Roars populated the course as the majority of the 40,000-strong crowd grew in energy and belief, fans glued to the big screens when there was no action to be seen in front of them.
McDowell ended Spieths challenge on the 17th, and though Reed won the last to see off Stenson, Kaymers chip-in in front of huge crowds on 16 sealed another point.
Mickelson carved out a win over home favorite Stephen Gallacher, while Matt Kuchar holed out from 160 yards on his way to a comprehensive win over Denmarks Thomas Bjorn.
But further down the leaderboard, Donaldson had assumed complete control of his battle with Keegan Bradley, the 2011 U.S. PGA Champion.
Crowds gathered
As it became clear the Welshman was most likely to be the one to retain the trophy, crowds scampered up to the 14th green and jostled for position as Donaldson stood over his ball.
Though that one didnt drop, but glory wasnt far away. A pitch perfect iron shot on the next hole landed barely two feet from the cup and once Bradley got down to the green he conceded.
Following that decisive moment, Spains Sergio Garcia broke down on the 17th green after beating Jim Furyk, Ian Poulter and Webb Simpson halved their match, while rookie Jimmy Walker got the better of Lee Westwood to win another point for USA.
It was left to Zach Johnson to strike the final blow of the 2014 Ryder Cup as he holed out to secure a half from French rookie Victor Dubuisson.
With handshakes exchanged, Dubuisson was engulfed by his teammates, as a sea of champagne spray kickstarted a European party that is set to endure for another two years at least.

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mesut front after time

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And hearts were in mouths at the Emirates when defender Mathieu Debuchy slid in to tackle Mustafa Pektemek and appeared to get only a marginal touch on the ball inside the penalty area.
But just as the home fans began to express their agitation, Sanchez found the net.
The Chilean scampered into the area as Wilshere swapped passes with German World Cup winner Mesut Ozil, to fire low past Besiktas goalkeeper Tolga Zengin.
Sanchez had a chance to double Arsenals lead on 51 minutes after more neat approach play from Wilshere, the 22-year-old sliding the ball to his Chilean teammate only to see it stabbed wide of the far post.
Ba had another chance to stall the Gunners momentum as he turned inside the area, but his shot from a narrow angle could only find the side-netting.
Arsenal then wasted two glorious chances to make the tie safe.
With Besiktas pushing men forward, Arsenal broke and Sanchez drove into the penalty area before teeing up Cazorla, but the Spaniards shot was blocked.
Seconds later Nacho Monreal swung in a low cross and though Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain sneaked in front of his marker, he could only fire against Tolga from six yards out.
A nervy climax was ensured when Debuchy was dismissed for a second bookable offense with 15 minutes left, the defender remonstrating with the referee before trudging off.
Ba failed to connect with a late header, and Arsenal were penned in as the Turks desperately sought the goal they needed, but they held on to seal victory.
Elsewhere, Spanish side Athletic Bilbao came from behind to eliminate Napoli, from Italy, and take its place in the European Champions League group stages for the first time in 16 years.
Germanys Bayer Leverkusen also progressed after a 7-2 aggregate victory over Danish outfit FC Copenhagen.
Ludogorets Razgrad, of Bulgaria, made the group stages for the first time after a fairytale penalty shootout victory over Romanias Steaua Bucurest.
After goalkeeper Vladislav Stoyanov was sent off in extra time, defender Cosmin Moti donned the gloves as the tie finished 1-1 on aggregate after extra time.
Incredibly, Moti took his sides opening penalty, and scored, before saving two of Steauas and sealing a remarkable victory for his side.